Prelude to Winterline, Mussoorie !!!

It was an usual evening bike ride with my husband in the outskirts of Mussoorie, when he first introduced me to the Winter line in Landour, Mussoorie. The scintillating canvas of sky was displaying multitude hues of yellow, orange, red, mauve blue and grey. This meteorological phenomena sparked up the artistic orchestration of vivid shades and colours in the playground of sky. The shimmering sunrays spread golden hues in the Himalayas.

Winterline in Mussoorie, India
An evening in Mussoorie featuring winterline

Winter line is a rare phenomena where a pseudo horizon is formed at dusk. A strikingly straight transition or buffer zone is created in the atmosphere due to intermixing of hot and cold air causing temperature inversion. During sunset the sunrays refract through the moisture, dust particles and other particulates in the atmosphere and create a mesmerizing meteorological phenomena known as Winterline. It is visible from Mussoorie in India between October and February. Besides Mussoorie, India this winterline also occurs in the Swiss Alps, Europe. However, during recent years, high air pollution levels have affected the prominence of Winterline.

Sunset amidst winterline, Mussoorie
Sunset in Mussoorie, India
View of Winterline, near Chardukan, Landour, Mussoorie

There are various locations in an around Mussoorie from where one can observe Winterline. While you are biking through the Himalayan highways, every bend, every curve around the mountain edges gives a thrilling experience. You will never know what awaits you beyond the steep curve, a heavy vehicle or a herd of cattle, landslide, boulder, might be a stream or a magnificent panoramic view of Winterline, waiting to sweep someone off their feet.

Winterline, Mussoorie

The astounding view of sun set amidst the Winter line is still fresh in my everlasting memories. My husband is a mountaineer, photographer and a passionate bike rider and I cherish biking alongwith him to quench my wilderness fantasies in the lap of mighty Himalayas.

Majestic view of Himalayas
Clouds in mountain pockets, near Dhanaulty
Light trail along Dehradun- Mussoorie highway

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