A ray of hope: Landour, Mussoorie

While most part of the country is facing soaring temperatures, this hillside of Landour, Mussoorie is recieving hailstorms and rains. The temperatures have suddenly dropped and the hillslopes are covered with thin icesheets due to hail.

White Earth floor due to hails

This meteorological phenomena has also relieved the trees and forests which were under fire since few days. The forest fires in Uttarakhand this year has taken toll on the natural health and environment of the forested areas. Besides destroying the natural habitat of many wild animals and birds these forest fires imposed threat to human lives also. But the recent rain showers came as a sigh of relief. Nature is ready to replenish the loss.

Recurrent forest fires: Landour, Mussoorie

They say it right, When nobody listens… mother nature does. It went true for the case of recurrent forest fires near Mussoorie. The forests which were burning have got a sigh of relief and prayers were answered.

Forest fire in Uttarakhand: Are we ready to tackle future forest fires?

The thick layer of dust over the leaves has slowly receded away and the bright and dazzling new leaves of the spring are on full display. The scenic beauty motivated me to go out for hiking as I lost count of my footsteps. The clouds led me to this scenic spot and I was left mesmerized. Due to urbanisation, these mountains are also not untouched, which can be easily noticed by the electrical wires in the picture.

These sunrays are also known as Crepuscular rays and are created when sunlight shines through gaps in clouds and falls down through the hazy air. Due to scattering of light such display of colours often take place with the background of dark blue sky. This picturesque view of the sunrays peeping through the clouds over the green mountains, lifting veil for a moment will be always there in some corner of my mind. And I thanked almighty for bestowing hope and faith in the world.

Forests and a ray of hope!!

Thank you!!!


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