Where have all the flowers gone??

Today, I heard that in some part of the country, people are willing to cut more trees in public parks and gardens for cremation on pyres. The trees, sole provider of Oxygen will now be cut to suffice cremation?

©Mixed broadleaf and Conifers

It’s been long, that the world is suffering due to Corona virus pandemic. Seems we are already at war with our basic survival, our existence. Daily reports of desperation and deaths are creating emptiness and hollow hopes in the suffering souls and rest is all blame game. Lives at stake due to the crisis of Oxygen, the base of life and still we haven’t realized the importance of trees and forests.

©Horse Chestnut tree flowers

I believe humanity is suffering due to the destruction of Forests and the lost wilderness. Forests and wildlife help contain diseases and epidemics from further transmission into humans. Various research studies show that the global rise in temperature has forced iceshelfs and glaciers to melt and further releasing unknown pathogens in the environment. The aftermath of globalisation and urbanisation has created ecological imbalance. Now, neither science nor capital can bring back the departed souls.

©Horse Chestnut tree flowers

Are human beings truely the most intelligent organism on Earth?? I have doubts about this or we would not have been digging our own graves. The ultimate truth is we come with nothing and we go with nothing. With these thoughts in my mind, I was hiking in the woods nearby and abruptly stopped by the Horse Chestnut trees. The beautiful flowers of the tree remind me of the classic song by Pete SeegerWhere have all the flowers gone?‘ The flowers on the trees, picked up by the maidens for their beloved now lied on their graves. It’s never too late and better late than never or nature has its own ways.

©Horse Chestnut tree flower

Where have all the flowers gone?

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing.
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago.
Where have all the flowers gone?
The girls have picked them every one.
Oh, When will you ever learn?
Oh, When will you ever learn?
Young girls
They’ve taken husbands every one.
Young men
They’re all in uniform.
They’ve gone to graveyards every one.
They’re covered with flowers every one.
Young girls have picked them every one.

~By Pete Seeger

©Horse Chestnut tree flowers

May mother nature be kind and may everyone stay blessed and healthy and have the strength to get over these testing times.

Thank you!!!



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Hi, I am Chandrima Debi. I am a Doctorate in Forestry and an independent researcher. Ever since childhood, I experienced deep-rooted connection with nature, forest and wildlife. I have written various research articles, case studies based on geology, forests, medicinal plants, biodiversity and conservation. Through this blog I share my experiences with nature and forests around us and aid towards the protection and conservation of biodiversity, wildlife and the values associated.

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