Whose forests are these?

Few days back, while travelling down the hills towards city I stumbled upon this majestic Langur sitting on the branches of an big Oak tree. Our eyes met for few moments and then it looked away. The Langur turned his head away looking into the human settlements in the hills once covered with dense forests. I felt as if it was asking me, Whose forests are these?

©Langur resting on Oak tree branches.

I was left dumbstruck and speechless with a remorseful introspection because somewhere deep down in my heart I knew that these forest belonged to the wild and the wilderness within. Now these wild beings are taking shelter in the dying old Oak trees, surviving on the human litter and pity.

© Looking into the civilization

Whose forests are these?
They are mine;
Look!! what you have done to my home.

Now, I rest on this old Oak tree
And look at your civilisation;
Through these dry leafless branches and
I can say nothing at all!!!

©Langur resting on Oak tree branches

Gray langurs, also called Hanuman langurs or Hanuman monkeys, are Old World monkeys native to the Indian subcontinent constituting the genus Semnopithecus.

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