Clouds in the sky!!!

It was an usual day during lockdown and I was gazing at the sky saddened by the agony of lost lives and pain due to pandemic. Suddenly, these clouds appeared and instilled new hope and faith in me. Thought of painting on canvas but few words slipped through my pen…

Clouds in the sky, lifted spirits

When I was weighing down,

Under heavy cloud of thoughts;

Come lift me again,

And take me abode

To some place;

Which my soul,

Always sought.
©Clouds gathering on the hills covered with Deodar trees

These mystic clouds can tingle creative corners of mind. These clouds sometimes play hide and seek between manifold layers of mountains, they rise up go down swirling along the curves, edges in the valley as if they are dancing alongwith the  wind. These clouds often march into the valley like a troop and suddenly recede away, slowly fading into the clear evening breeze.  Be it dawn or the dusk, these clouds create picturesque panorama in the canvas of sky.

©Clouds in the sky, Landour, Mussoorie

Again, they remind of few lines of a poem by Rabindranath Tagore

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore,

(Stray Birds)

The northern breeze sometimes carries these clouds through the conifers creating a mystic bluish haze which can sweep someone away off their feet. Sunlight entering through the mist in the forest can make one spellbound as if almighty is pouring in rays of hope from the heavens. May these winds take away the agony and bereavement from million suffering lives.

©Blue sky and trees

Thank you!!!

©All images and content are subjected to copyright

© 2019 – 2021

Published by Dr. Chandrima Debi

Hi, I am Chandrima Debi. I am a Doctorate in Forestry and an independent researcher. Ever since childhood, I experienced deep-rooted connection with nature, forest and wildlife. I have written various research articles, case studies based on geology, forests, medicinal plants, biodiversity and conservation. Through this blog I share my experiences with nature and forests around us and aid towards the protection and conservation of biodiversity, wildlife and the values associated.

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