When river meets ocean it results in turbulence,
Where ideas and thoughts meets it creates waves and waves create turbulence.

©Clouds in the valley

Turbulence can generate turbulence can destroy, beginning of life,
Or the destruction when tectonic plates meet!!

©Sunset amidst clouds

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only transform,
But it depends on the factors whether the transformed energy is beneficial for mankind or results in fragmentation and chaos.

©One cloudy evening!!

They say universe was created due to big bang another form of turbulence!!

© Turbulent weather

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Published by Dr. Chandrima Debi

Hi, I am Chandrima Debi. I am a Doctorate in Forestry and an independent researcher. Ever since childhood, I experienced deep-rooted connection with nature, forest and wildlife. I have written various research articles, case studies based on geology, forests, medicinal plants, biodiversity and conservation. Through this blog I share my experiences with nature and forests around us and aid towards the protection and conservation of biodiversity, wildlife and the values associated.

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