Viridescent hillside: Landour, Mussoorie!!!

Waterfall on mountain slope,

Flowing with might and strength

On the rocks, into the valley,

Paving way through rugged terrain..


It’s been days that I went into the verdant mountains and valleys as the hillside of Landour, Mussoorie is experiencing heavy rainfalls alongwith severe landslides and thunderstorms, So, one fine morning I finally decided to feed my mind and soul and timed it well with the early morning drizzle. Although, clouds tried to create a misty haze in the surrounding Oak forest affecting visibility, I raced with time to finally reach the venue before it rained again.

©Rainfed Hillstream, Landour, Mussoorie

On the way I came across few streams which have sprung up due to heavy rains. Often these streams are near dry during winters and mid summer, but this year the creek was running strong from all the rain it had. It was a pleasant experience to hike along listening to the running water although one has to be careful enough with the approaching vehicles. I stepped ahead and found few more streams on the roadside. The rainwater flows through the roads and channels finally culminating into main channel and then drains through the hillslopes sometimes giving expression for pseudo waterfall. I won’t recommend it for drinking purpose. However, the local people around the area use the streamwater to wash clothes, clean vehicles etc. I often observed tourists sometimes stopby these streams and take shower. Also, few pictures of gods and goddesses also lie nonchalant in the catchment.

© Hillstream, Landour, Mussoorie

Almighty’s creation is perfectly balanced although Nature has its own equations, as in some parts of the world, forests are burning, somewhere sandstorms and in someplace it’s draught, but this hillside is receiving abundant rainfall. I hope if only water conservation measures were adopted in the area, so that the dearth of freshwater shortage could be resolved around the region.

©Hillstream, Landour, Mussoorie

With these thoughts, I took my way back home alongwith the burbling sound of waterfall. Still in the melancholy, I can hear the distant sound of the stream which is flowing just around the corner. I’m grateful for our viridescent environment when much of the country was dry and/or on fire this year.

Thank you!!!

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Conserve Freshwater.. Harvest Rainwater!!


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