Indian Red Admiral butterfly: Landour, Mussoorie

Today, I came across this vibrant Indian Red Admiral basking in the forest floor, while I was on my way to meet few friends. It is also known as Vanessa indica. Just like the Admiral of a troop, the Indian Red Admiral halted with poise, agile and alert. This is the spring -summer season in the hillside of Landour, Mussoorie and the nature is bustling with the arrival of butterflies.

© Indian Red Admiral

The afternoon mild sunrays infiltrated through the canopy layer of Oak trees on the forest floor. The butterfly flew past forest floor to capture little sunlight left for the day. It inspected it’s surroundings and briskly sensed my presence with the help of its sensory antennas. The swift and agile butterfly was difficult to capture through lenses. Later, it posed with its beautiful wingspan.

© Indian Red Admiral

These fast flying butterflies are difficult to follow. They love stinging nettles and are found in the Himalayas and also different parts of the world.

Indian Red Admiral butterfly 🦋

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