Citylight limit line: Mussoorie – Dehradun

The citylight limit line is the highest limit perpetual of light covering the cities during evening time. It can be observed from an elevation of about 1500msl. Ideal locations to observe the citylight limit are TV towers, hilltops, Hawaghar and skyscrapers. It is an irregular line which divides the urban areas from the forests, rural areas, degraded land, agricultural fields i.e. areas with less human interference. The citylight limit of elevated landmass can also be observed from the plains. It can be best observed during clear weather during evening time when the sun is set.

Citylight limit line of Mussoorie, Necklace of Queen of the Hills

The citylight limit line of Mussoorie as viewed from Dehradun looks as if the Queen of the hills is wearing a shimmering diamond necklace for the evening. The citylight limit line can also be a parameter to know the rate of urbanization of cities.

Light trail at Mussoorie bypass road

The city’s light intensity is high around the heart or core of the city and slowly wanes away towards its boundary. The lights give a shimmering effect due to the interference of the light waves, diffraction, reflection and refraction. Based on the extent of city area, rate of urbanization, human settlements, road traffic, land boundary and availability of electricity supply during evening time, the citylight limit line forms different patterns and shape.The citylight limit line forms irregular line which are mainly Straight, Curved, Dotted, Dashed, Contour, Zig Zag, Implied, Curvilinear line.

The citylight limit line of Dehradun, Uttarakhand

It is difficult to make out the entire citylight limit line from one particular aspect of elevation. However, there are following patterns which are mainly Polygonal, Clustered, Compact, Semi-compact, Dispersed, Radial and many more.

The citylight limit line of Dehradun, Uttarakhand during a moonlit night ©sumanmitraphotography

With changes in globalisation and urbanization the citylight limit line can also shift and change shapes and patterns. High levels of air pollution, smoke or fog can affect the visibility of the citylight limit line. In Mussoorie, the citylight limit line of Dehradun is best visible from the Mussoorie Dehradun highway, Mall road, Barlowganj and Jhadipani areas. The shimmering bright lights capture artistic imaginations and draw tourists to witness the sunset and the mesmerizing city lights.

The citylight limit line of Dehradun Uttarakhand from Landour, Uttarakhand ©sumanmitraphotography

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