Nature walk with kids: Forestry for kids

It’s monsoon in the hillside and life is bustling in the woods. The ferns which went dormant are budding, mosses and fungi mushrooming everywhere, insects are busy finding shelter, along with diverse rainy day bird visitors. I thought it was a great time to familiarise children with these minute nature’s theatricals. Moreover, the children are mostly inside classrooms taking lessons, so going out was a good idea.

©Trees laden with fresh ferns

Children came across this mushroom, which bloomed out of an old tree stump. It seems like a Polyporus mushroom to me. But looking at its appearance, I really don’t want to check whether it is edible or not.

© Polyporus mushroom
© Polyporus mushroom
© Polyporus mushroom

Someone was really trying hard to crossover the mossy wall before it rains again. The snail with elongated shell uses its mucus and protruded eyes to travel long distances. They mostly hide underground in winters.

©Snail with elongated shell

The horse chestnut tree has started bearing fruits. It was laden with beautiful flowers before the summer break. I wonder who feeds on its fruits, I will be on the look out.

© Fruits of Horse Chestnut tree

A couple of Gray winged Blackbird are also on the lookout for food on the forest floor beneath the Horse Chestnut tree. How diligently it turns over each leaf litter and twigs to search insects. It seems that they might have made a nest somewhere nearby. The male Gray blackbird was eager and alert to protect its territory. The female gently made poise. We respected their territory and stepped back.

© Female Gray winged Blackbird

Although we wanted to explore more, it started drizzling and time was a constraint, so we made our way back to the classroom, only to explore nature more in the coming days.

© Hillside pathway
©A misty day in the Hillside

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