Monsoon blooms in the hillside: Landour, Mussoorie

With changing seasons in the hillside, the colour palette on the hill slopes also changes. It feels as if, with each changing season, nature changes its wardrobe. During the monsoons it is mostly pink, mauve, yellows and greens. While passing through the woods, I could see the graceful and tender Begonias have started blossoming. They bestow a pinkish hue on the hill slopes.

©Begonia picta
© Begonias on the hill slopes

The ferns already sprouted forming a lush green understory.

©Polypodiodes naponica

The mosses have coated the tree barks, rocks and pavements, awaiting the mist and the clouds to embrace it.

©Peacock or spike moss?

Mushrooms of different shapes, size and colour have also sprung up, they look like tiny buttons. Found this tiny little one peeping out of the decomposing wood on the hill slopes. Near perfect circular shadow it casted on the floor. There are wonderful shapes and forms in the nature around us.

A few steps further, the hill slopes are covered by Purple Roscoe Lily. They belong to the ginger family.

©Purple Roscoe Lily (picture source wikipedia)

I came across this little butterfly, it seems like a common four-ring to me, I am not sure.

©Common Four-ring butterfly

One can easily hear the chirping sunbirds and woodpeckers. All are very busy completing their daily chores. I must also hurry home now to complete my chores. On my way back home I came across this beautiful scenic panorama.

© Mesmeric sunset

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Hi, I am Chandrima Debi. I am a Doctorate in Forestry and an independent researcher. Ever since childhood, I experienced deep-rooted connection with nature, forest and wildlife. I have written various research articles, case studies based on geology, forests, medicinal plants, biodiversity and conservation. Through this blog I share my experiences with nature and forests around us and aid towards the protection and conservation of biodiversity, wildlife and the values associated.

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