Nature shelters: Different species of Ferns on same Oak tree

While hiking in the woods today, I came across this big Oak tree. It was fascinating to observe two different species of ferns growing over moss covered bark. They were growing on the same aspect of the tree bole. The ferns were growing alongside each other but they respected each other’s boundaries. This is the season when ferns start turning brown. Yes of course, the winter season has arrived on the hillside of Landour, Mussoorie. The last stretch of ferns growing in the hillside for the year. They will again visit us in the coming year during the summer season.

©Ferns on Oak tree

The Oak trees shelter multitude biodiversity of different lifeforms. Different species of mosses, ferns, fungi, mycorrhizas, insects, birds, animals take shelter in the nook and corner of this life supporting tree. The fern on the top is the Asplenium sp. whereas the lower one is the Polypodies sp.

There is so much to learn from nature. Sometimes I think If only we could learn from nature how to coexist while respecting each other’s differences, this world will be a better place to live.

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