A Floral Paradise: Spring Blossoms in the hillside of Landour, Mussoorie

The hillside of Landour, Mussoorie is again alive with the colors of spring. Springtime in the hills of Landour, Mussoorie is simply enchanting. The beauty of nature is at its peak, with the hillside covered in a vibrant display of blossoms. From the magnificent rhododendrons to the delicate myrtles, geraniums and primulas, the colors ofContinue reading “A Floral Paradise: Spring Blossoms in the hillside of Landour, Mussoorie”

Ecological indicators of season change (1): Cobra Lily fruiting

The month of September has begun and the Cobra-lilies have started fruiting in the hillside of Landour, Mussoorie. The fruiting of the Cobra-lilies indicate culmination of rainy season and onset of the fall. This phenomenon is nature’s own way to signal changing season. The bright red coloured fruits can draw attention of anyone passing by.Continue reading “Ecological indicators of season change (1): Cobra Lily fruiting”

Whipcord Cobra Lily: Plant mimicry

It’s normal for one to get startled when they encounter Cobra Lily for the first time in the wild. The trumpet shaped flowers along with whip-like tongue resembles as if a Cobra snake is lurking out and with its tongue. It’s monsoon in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand and Cobra lilies are in full bloom in the thickets,Continue reading “Whipcord Cobra Lily: Plant mimicry”

Bauhinia vahlii… Largest creeper and a wonder plant!!

With the onset of monsoons, the largest creeper in India, Bauhinia vahlii also known as Camel’s foot climber, locally known as Maloo climber is in full bloom along the hillslopes in the lesser Himalayas. The flowering in this plant species starts from the month of April – June. Bauhinia vahlii or Panera vahlii is aContinue reading “Bauhinia vahlii… Largest creeper and a wonder plant!!”

Flowers uplift mood!!

There is something mystic about flowers, which can uplift spirits,motivate and inspire. So, here I am, sharing pictures of fresh season’s flowers from the hillside. Thank you!!! https://www.facebook.com/Dr.ChandrimaDebi/ https://www.instagram.com/debichandrima/ https://youtu.be/Y8YCLKTq0Pghttps://youtu.be/C38TxFmW8vE https://www.facebook.com/SumanMitraPhotography https://www.sumanmitra.com/ @chandrimadebi ©All images and content are subjected to copyright © 2019 – 2021 chandrimadebi.com

Where have all the flowers gone??

Today, I heard that in some part of the country, people are willing to cut more trees in public parks and gardens for cremation on pyres. The trees, sole provider of Oxygen will now be cut to suffice cremation? It’s been long, that the world is suffering due to Corona virus pandemic. Seems we areContinue reading “Where have all the flowers gone??”

Oak tree flowers: Landour, Mussoorie

The most simple defintion of ‘flower‘ is colourful part of the plant also resonates as something colourful, delicate, fragrant. But nature is full of exceptions, because there are some flowers in the nature which are neither bright nor colourful and some without fragrance yet they play significant role in sustaining the ecology of a particularContinue reading “Oak tree flowers: Landour, Mussoorie”

Phool Dei: Celebrating nature and mankind

Here comes the spring and season of flowering has already begun in the beautiful state of Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand also known as the ‘Land of Gods‘. This marks the celebration of a folk festival in different parts of Uttarakhand, ‘Phool Dei‘. Phool means flower and ‘Dei’ is a ceremonial dish prepared on this occasion. After longContinue reading “Phool Dei: Celebrating nature and mankind”

Red Coral Tree Flowers !!!

Up in the mountains,I was missing the sea;The clear blue waters,And the red corals beneath. ***** But thank you O lord!!For showing me;the clear blue sky,And I barely miss the sea. ***** Thank you O lord!!For the red Coral Tree flowers,High above in the mountains;Now I barely miss the red corals in the sea. *****Continue reading “Red Coral Tree Flowers !!!”