Foraging in the wild: celebrating Green Diwali!!!!

It’s been around two years that I am staying in Landour, Mussoorie. Every year we celebrate Diwali with enthusiasm and zeal. But, this year we celebrated our Diwali in the wilderness, foraging in the wild to collect 14 shaak/saag (leafy greens/foliage) to commemorate a traditional Bengali ritual. Diwali or festival of lights is one ofContinue reading “Foraging in the wild: celebrating Green Diwali!!!!”

Nolen Gur’/ ‘Khejur Gur’/ Date Palm Jaggery…… a delicacy to be treasured !!!!!

Nolen Gur’, ‘Notun Gur’ or ‘Khejur Gur’ or Date Palm Jaggery is an authentic bengali delicacy and is unique to Bengal.  Each year me and my husband travel down to Kolkata during winters to visit our friends and relatives. Besides meeting friends and family we both exclusively make our own authentic bengali food wishlist toContinue reading “Nolen Gur’/ ‘Khejur Gur’/ Date Palm Jaggery…… a delicacy to be treasured !!!!!”