In conformity with nature!!

With the pandemic, lockdowns and curfews life is struck somewhere within concrete walls. One has to think many times, before taking one step out of house, ofcourse with many precautions. Eventhough we are slowly adjusting our lifestyles but still there is a longingness to reach out to the nature and outdoors. Many of us mustContinue reading “In conformity with nature!!”

Where have all the flowers gone??

Today, I heard that in some part of the country, people are willing to cut more trees in public parks and gardens for cremation on pyres. The trees, sole provider of Oxygen will now be cut to suffice cremation? It’s been long, that the world is suffering due to Corona virus pandemic. Seems we areContinue reading “Where have all the flowers gone??”

Corona Virus COVID -19… Seems someone opened Pandora’s box!!!!

The novel corona virus COVID-19  is spreading its network in the global population and it’s difficult for anyone to escape it’s impact on the society. People from all sections of the society, be rich or poor are in the cruel grip of this novel virus.There is an expanding global outbreak of a respiratory illness causedContinue reading “Corona Virus COVID -19… Seems someone opened Pandora’s box!!!!”