Clouds in the sky!!!

It was an usual day during lockdown and I was gazing at the sky saddened by the agony of lost lives and pain due to pandemic. Suddenly, these clouds appeared and instilled new hope and faith in me. Thought of painting on canvas but few words slipped through my pen… Clouds in the sky, liftedContinue reading “Clouds in the sky!!!”

Bustling wildlife amidst pandemic: Himalayan Goral

While human beings are under lockdown during corona pandemic, the wildlife is thriving in different parts of the world. This small hillside of Landour, Mussoorie is also bustling with different species of Himalayan birds and animals. One can experience spotting wildlife in most unexpected terrains and mountain tracts. It happened so, when I had toContinue reading “Bustling wildlife amidst pandemic: Himalayan Goral”

A bewildered profusion…

Today morning, I hurried to the local market to pick groceries.The moment we entered market premises, I could sense the caution and fear of the deadly virus in the prying eyes. The shops once bubbling with customers now caters to only few within stipulated time. We somehow managed to fetch our groceries. Meanwhile, the cloudsContinue reading “A bewildered profusion…”

Where have all the flowers gone??

Today, I heard that in some part of the country, people are willing to cut more trees in public parks and gardens for cremation on pyres. The trees, sole provider of Oxygen will now be cut to suffice cremation? It’s been long, that the world is suffering due to Corona virus pandemic. Seems we areContinue reading “Where have all the flowers gone??”

Life during Corona pandemic!!!

Got up in late in morning staring at ceiling,Turned TV on but the news is also concealing;Same corona and adulteration everywhere, earth needs some healing. Entertainment, politics, business, environment news keep brewing,Leaving curious eager minds with thoughts worth pursuing;Amidst agony, despair and restrictions life keeps on going. The day goes on, the house needs cleaning,Continue reading “Life during Corona pandemic!!!”

Oroxylum indicum: A medicinal forest tree species for the symptom management of Covid 19

Humanity is coping with the aftermath of  Corona virus pandemic. The outbreak of virus resulted in devastation and is still causing millions of fatalities everyday. The first outbreak of this pandemic with severe pneumonia was reported in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, on December, 2019. World Health Organization (WHO) designated Severe acute respiratoryContinue reading “Oroxylum indicum: A medicinal forest tree species for the symptom management of Covid 19”

Foraging in the wild: celebrating Green Diwali!!!!

It’s been around two years that I am staying in Landour, Mussoorie. Every year we celebrate Diwali with enthusiasm and zeal. But, this year we celebrated our Diwali in the wilderness, foraging in the wild to collect 14 shaak/saag (leafy greens/foliage) to commemorate a traditional Bengali ritual. Diwali or festival of lights is one ofContinue reading “Foraging in the wild: celebrating Green Diwali!!!!”

Corona Virus COVID -19… Seems someone opened Pandora’s box!!!!

The novel corona virus COVID-19  is spreading its network in the global population and it’s difficult for anyone to escape it’s impact on the society. People from all sections of the society, be rich or poor are in the cruel grip of this novel virus.There is an expanding global outbreak of a respiratory illness causedContinue reading “Corona Virus COVID -19… Seems someone opened Pandora’s box!!!!”