Firefly appearance in Landour, Mussoorie!!

It’s first week of August and fireflies visited me again in the dark hours around midnight today. Although, I was getting reports of firefly sightings in and around Mussoorie, I didn’t witness them until one firefly entered my bedroom through the nearby Oak forest and flickered around. Last year on 4th of August, 2020, IContinue reading “Firefly appearance in Landour, Mussoorie!!”

Biodiversity around me: Landour, Mussoorie

Three years ago, little did I know about the biodiversity in and around Mussoorie. I relocated to this beautiful hillside of Landour just after marriage and was deeply fascinated by the beautiful landscape and rich biodiversity. The whistling Himalayan breeze blowing through the tree leaves endows life and hope in each and every corner ofContinue reading “Biodiversity around me: Landour, Mussoorie”

Nature’s Lanterns Are Dimming!!!!

I am staying in Landour, Mussoorie since last two years , but I didnt observe any firefly species in the area. Local people also told me that they have also not seen fireflies in the area. This was in line with the global trend of disappearance, or migration, of these fascinating creatures. But, this yearContinue reading “Nature’s Lanterns Are Dimming!!!!”