An ode to the Swallows!!!

Swallows flying high,Up above in the sky;Swooshing through the mountains,Diving in the valley deep;To catch insects swarming in the air,with a velocity steep. ***** Agile and alert are your actions,Random turn sometimes;I couldn’t follow your flying course,Lost track many times!!! ***** Off you fly from your cozy nest,Into the trees surround;Next moment you are outContinue reading “An ode to the Swallows!!!”

Rhododendrons and a tale of love!!

Here comes spring, season of flowering begins;Shades of yellow, white and pink in the forests;Alongwith red Rhododendrons blooming. Rhododendrons red, high above the treesAs if you want to meet the sky;The misty wind kisses your soft petals,And your dreams soar high. Swaying with the whistling breeze,Spreading your charm;You fulfill wilderness dreams, giving memories warm. Birds,Continue reading “Rhododendrons and a tale of love!!”

Snowfall in winter night ; Landour, Mussoorie

Even though late, it snowed in Landour, Mussoorie yesterday, this year. Watching snowfall is an enchanting experience. Like little fairies hopping from branches and leaves finally falling on the ground to create fluffy bed, soft and delicate. I wonder how deep is the connection of snow is with forest and trees. Snowfall is very shyContinue reading “Snowfall in winter night ; Landour, Mussoorie”

Asan Conservation Reserve/Asan Barrage, Uttarakhand: A man-made lake or nature’s delight

Situated at the confluence of the Asan river and Eastern Yamuna Canal alongside bordering states of Uttarakhand-Himachal lies the Asan Conservation Reserve/ Asan Barrage or Assan Barrage. This barrage created the Asan Reservoir which is also called Dhalipur Lake, and was developed in 1967 when the Dhalipur power house was under construction. The scenic geographicalContinue reading “Asan Conservation Reserve/Asan Barrage, Uttarakhand: A man-made lake or nature’s delight”