Rhododendrons in the hillside

Swaying with the whistling breeze,Spreading your charm;You fulfill wilderness dreams, giving memories warm. Birds, animals and honey bees cherish your nectar,They come to visit you from lands afar;Laden with beauty and healer are you,Life support system for many though. The fallen petals on the forest floor,Create a mystical hue;A path painted red,leading somewhere, I haveContinue reading “Rhododendrons in the hillside”

Life during Corona pandemic!!!

Got up in late in morning staring at ceiling,Turned TV on but the news is also concealing;Same corona and adulteration everywhere, earth needs some healing. Entertainment, politics, business, environment news keep brewing,Leaving curious eager minds with thoughts worth pursuing;Amidst agony, despair and restrictions life keeps on going. The day goes on, the house needs cleaning,Continue reading “Life during Corona pandemic!!!”