Forest trails and untold stories: Mansur shrub, Landour, Mussoorie

Every step I take towards exploring the wilderness in the nature and forest, fills me with enchantment to ken many unfolded stories. Each rock, each pebble, each flower, each plant and their association with different life forms must have a distinct story to tell. Stories which will never be heard of, some lost stories andContinue reading “Forest trails and untold stories: Mansur shrub, Landour, Mussoorie”

Rhododendrons and a tale of love!!

Here comes spring, season of flowering begins;Shades of yellow, white and pink in the forests;Alongwith red Rhododendrons blooming. Rhododendrons red, high above the treesAs if you want to meet the sky;The misty wind kisses your soft petals,And your dreams soar high. Swaying with the whistling breeze,Spreading your charm;You fulfill wilderness dreams, giving memories warm. Birds,Continue reading “Rhododendrons and a tale of love!!”