Forestry for Kids: Learning Soil thermodynamics in outdoor education

Thermodynamics is a topic of study in sciences which lays its foundation in the middle year education program in most of the national or international curriculums. Thermodynamics is the scientific study of the relations between heat and other forms of energy. In simple words, thermodynamics is the dynamics of the heat energy. Educators and studentsContinue reading “Forestry for Kids: Learning Soil thermodynamics in outdoor education”

Biodiversity around me: Landour, Mussoorie

Three years ago, little did I know about the biodiversity in and around Mussoorie. I relocated to this beautiful hillside of Landour just after marriage and was deeply fascinated by the beautiful landscape and rich biodiversity. The whistling Himalayan breeze blowing through the tree leaves endows life and hope in each and every corner ofContinue reading “Biodiversity around me: Landour, Mussoorie”

Oak tree flowers: Landour, Mussoorie

The most simple defintion of ‘flower‘ is colourful part of the plant also resonates as something colourful, delicate, fragrant. But nature is full of exceptions, because there are some flowers in the nature which are neither bright nor colourful and some without fragrance yet they play significant role in sustaining the ecology of a particularContinue reading “Oak tree flowers: Landour, Mussoorie”

Land where Hoolock Gibbon sings: Hollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, Assam

It was summer of 2015 in Hollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, Assam. I was a doctoral student at that time and was working towards the conservation of a medicinal forest tree species in the rain forests of Assam. For some study purpose we were traversing through dense forest trails and I was accompanied by my colleague andContinue reading “Land where Hoolock Gibbon sings: Hollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, Assam”

Snowfall in winter night ; Landour, Mussoorie

Even though late, it snowed in Landour, Mussoorie yesterday, this year. Watching snowfall is an enchanting experience. Like little fairies hopping from branches and leaves finally falling on the ground to create fluffy bed, soft and delicate. I wonder how deep is the connection of snow is with forest and trees. Snowfall is very shyContinue reading “Snowfall in winter night ; Landour, Mussoorie”